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Tuesday's Tweets

10:44 Is the GOP being hoist with its own birther petard? @adamserwer thinks so. http://wapo.st/hZxp1c
17:34 @paulandstorm Not hardly. Cartman may eventually grow out of his assholiness. Scott Adams is what he is.
17:36 Goodbye, Sarah Jane, one of my many youthful crushes.
18:02 RT @ebertchicago: Scott Adams says he has a "certified genius IQ." I'm too smart to ever make a claim like that. [I'm not. But I'm trying.]
18:11 Wired: "Biggest Spider Fossil Ever Found" post has a big photo of Donald Trump. Now that's comedy!
18:24 I so wish I believed in Lotto Nation, @KeithOlbermann. I like the American Dream, but not pure fantasy. http://bit.ly/fAD2IM