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Monday's Tweets

08:14 If the Rebel Alliance had PowerPoint, or why I love @paulandstorm: http://www.paulandstorm.com/longer-thoughts/death-star-2-0/
08:17 Racist Repugs in Orange County, California? I'm shocked, shocked! http://bit.ly/i8zmVj
09:05 I got 21 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:09 Reading Lies My Teacher Told Me on my iPad. Did you know Woodrow Wilson was racist scum? I didn't. So much to learn. http://amzn.to/exCndS
09:47 I'm going to a Meetup with Digital Photography Society of Santa Cruz http://meetu.ps/SFsz
10:46 @paulandstorm Kant Buy Me Love #philosophymovies
11:15 Enjoying reading Shit (Stephen) Harper Did, because I like knowing other people's leaders suck too. http://shitharperdid.ca.nyud.net/
12:01 I thought Scott Adams was a clueless idiot, but I had no idea just how clueless an idiot he is. The mind boggles. http://bit.ly/gUzXph