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Friday's Tweets

07:28 I don't think they liked it. Reviewers give Atlas Shrugged a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score: 0% positive. http://huff.to/h5Rsjr
08:45 Stunning. Only 38% of Repugs would support an anti-birther. Polling places need to require a test for shitheadedness. http://bit.ly/hC0rHt
09:45 So proud of the Dems. By voting "present", they let House Repugs hoist themselves on their own petard. http://bit.ly/dW9SDK
10:11 Pat Buchanan says Trump's no racist, and what higher praise is there than that? http://tpm.ly/ekqy6m
19:05 This is the best review of Atlas Shrugged there could ever be. http://on.io9.com/gTi0tc