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Wednesday's Tweets

08:27 Listening to tech demo at work. Want to die. Or kill. That would work too.
09:42 Farmers vs. miners, or how the financial markets distort software and every other kind of company. http://tinyurl.com/3hn76ph
20:00 If you haven't seen the trailer for When Harry Met Sally 2, watch it. Now. I'll wait. http://bit.ly/hJ4bfe (You're welcome.)
20:08 Just planned a road trip to Crater Lake for July. After two previous attempts, maybe this time I'll actually see the lake!
21:54 @counternotions What about Harry Chapin's Taxi? That had a sequel.
21:55 Oh, @MythBusters! How I have missed you!
21:59 @counternotions And Snoopy vs. The Red Baron had a couple of sequels.