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Tuesday's Tweets

08:25 Mike Huckabee, defender of transparent government, destroyed all 12 years of his records as AR governor. Paranoid much? http://bit.ly/fNSq9n
10:13 Article in OSNews repeats the now discredited tale of the Osborne Effect. OSNews: http://bit.ly/i3jHDK Rebuttal: http://bit.ly/e041Ho
12:16 Huh. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University got more Federal money last year than NPR. Bigotry beats balance, I guess. http://bit.ly/ffhqyd
14:18 Hey, @SJRep! Answer your damn phone!
14:25 Finally got through! Bought my ticket for @reduced Sports at @SJRep in June. Umm, just how risky is it to be in the front row for this one?
14:26 Also bought a ticket for One Man Star Wars in July, also at @SJRep. With that title, how could I not?
21:28 HD video. DVD or Blu-Ray. 2GB memory. It's... a Commodore 64? http://bit.ly/gn3wm4