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Thursday's Tweets

06:00 This is fascinating. Google taking control of Android, closing off their supposed Open Source platform. http://engt.co/fIKVAt
06:05 MSFT files antitrust complaint against GOOG. Also, pot calls kettle black. Hey, Alanis! Isn't *that* ironic? http://engt.co/fIKVAt
08:24 Report: Sharia isn't anti-American. (But being a bigot & an idiot surely is.) http://wapo.st/gm7J3t
10:10 WI Repugs finally acknowledge that courts matter, comply with judge's order blocking anti-union law. http://bit.ly/eiT3xU
10:19 Google channels Nixon's henchman Colson: "If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." http://buswk.co/ftIFMw
11:01 With Repugs, the jokes just write themselves. http://bit.ly/hM2q6h
11:45 Bill O'Reilly accuses Donald Trump of making shit up to get attention. When did BO'R(e) become the reasonable one? http://aol.it/fOjfcb
15:15 Open Source phone software? What could go wrong? Oh, I guess Google could. http://daringfireball.net/linked/2011/03/31/welcome-to-android
17:03 WTF happened to spring? Around here we've leaped from an admittedly mild winter straight to summer.
21:32 Suddenly I want a kitty. http://youtu.be/ZzW591z4MQk