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Sunday's Tweets

08:20 Off to check out a ghost town.
14:35 Remind me never to set foot in CT again. (State Trooper assholery.) http://bit.ly/en8cyp
14:47 Killing time before a show @ LV Hilton. This involves beer. If I had less time to wait, it might involve gin instead.
14:48 @lomara Wish I were there. Want to see/hear her again.
15:22 @lomara Maybe a little. I'll make sure to catch her next time she's in the Bay Area.
18:20 German band in German restaurant is playing Edelweiss. I like it. Or maybe that's the hefeweizen talking.
18:23 Forgot how much fun we used to have in beer halls in Germany. No travel in this job, dammit. At least not yet.