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Saturday's Tweets

18:08 FIrst solo visit to Red Rock Canyon. No other photographers, no models, no nudidity (theirs or mine).
18:12 First photo stop was Mt. Charleston. Somebody forgot to tell them that spring has sprung. http://plixi.com/p/87182944
18:13 Second stop was Red Rock. Quite the contrast, wouldn't you say? (Can't put two photos on one tweet? Really?) http://plixi.com/p/87183166
18:17 Scott Adams of Dilbert fame is a dick, and not in a good way. http://jezebel.com/5786019/dilbert-creator-deletes-misogynist-rant
18:26 @GeeCarl I used to pretend to be an engineer. Some of us know how to think of women as equals even as we lust after y'all.
18:30 @GeeCarl Good for you, and even better for him! As for Adams, he was a lot funnier before he started taking himself seriously.
19:15 Waiter at Carnegie Deli told me I look like Richard Dreyfuss. Usually I get Spielberg.
21:07 Principal shuts down school newspaper for accuracy. Or something. WTF was he thinking? http://huff.to/hAb479