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Friday's Tweets

06:55 New iPad accessories! Wooden Smart Cover: http://bit.ly/clFK6i Compact Flash card reader: http://bit.ly/dLs38T Want 'em both.
06:57 Via @thinkgeek, this: http://j.mp/i5UqoP only makes sense after you've seen this: http://bit.ly/8gOZXi
08:07 @annvosspeterson @VictoriaDahl Congratulations to you both. Couldn't happen to nicer people! #RitaGH
08:11 Newt: Obama did what I demanded; that couldn't have been more wrong! http://bit.ly/gRJe2q
08:17 @annvosspeterson Yeah, me too. Hanging out among all you writers is a great time. Darn this day job and its limited vacation!
08:18 @annvosspeterson I'd like that. Where will RT be in 2012?
08:28 I new Rebecca Black's song sucked, but I didn't know it was ripped off Dylan: http://bit.ly/ij90v9
09:30 I'm going to a Meetup with Bay Area Fine Art and Fashion http://meetu.ps/Nq9s
09:46 @VictoriaDahl You know, you could always drop into conversation that you've changed your mind...
09:49 @alwayscoffee Great minds and all that. That must be it. @VictoriaDahl
09:56 Love listening to the Angry Mac Bastards podcast. So furious! Make me seem calm and sane by comparison. http://bit.ly/eURiYT
10:25 Yet another way to help Japan through the crisis: Songs For Japan on iTunes. All proceeds to the Red Cross. http://bit.ly/hFsZOM
10:42 "RIM has 2 CEOs and 3 COOs. Why expect straight answers from a company that can’t even decide who’s in charge?" http://bit.ly/gcziSf
11:01 I guess it's not just good for a Repug politician to be a bigot. It's practically mandatory. http://wapo.st/e2ENA8
13:39 @alwayscoffee You do realize that thanks to you and @VictoriaDahl I've had to completely reevaluate my concept of ladylike behavior, right?
13:42 Should leave for airport soon. Problem is I'm already there. #WayTooEarly #BigSurprise
16:08 Flight delayed somewhere between 5 & 25 minutes. Wish they'd stop changing the number; I'm getting dizzy.
16:29 On the plane. Looks like a full flight. Friday night to Vegas? Who'd have thought?
19:20 Flight was uneventful, drive to hotel was pretty stress-free. Now I'm in my room and thinking about dinner.