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Thursday's Tweets

05:38 Google: We're not evil & too big to fuck with anyway. Judge: Doesn't make what you're doing right. *slap* http://bit.ly/dTAZeV
10:12 Wingnut declares 1st Amendment only applies to Christians. So wrong on so many levels. http://tpm.ly/e37rmy
11:43 What's up with Apple Mail's Insert List command? Is there really no way to end the list once you've started? Help and Google are no help.
17:18 Someone's writing a sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? This just might not suck. (The original book isn't so hot, BTW.) http://bit.ly/g9owtz
17:34 @neilgrayston a very happy birthday, Neil. Now get to work and give me some new Eureka, okay?
19:24 Okay, all packed. After work tomorrow I'm off to Vegas. Might take a photo or two while I'm there.