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Wednesday's Tweets

08:08 For Conservatives, where they stand depends on what they taste. http://huff.to/fr6bzd
08:54 On a web conference. Somebody put us on hold, complete with Raindrops Are Falling on my Head hold music.
10:42 RT @GeorgeTakei: Former SNL star Victoria Jackson thinks Glee is turning boys gay. I think Victoria Jackson more to blame for that. [Hee!]
11:59 Via @KeithOlbermann, NY Times obit of Liz Taylor comes from beyond the grave. http://bit.ly/g4l6Ld
15:17 "Who could have guessed, 42 years later, that [Billy] Graham’s son would be even dumber and more racist?" http://bit.ly/h1cyyL
19:40 Netflix Instant introduced me to Ctrl. http://bit.ly/gWcm2m And Ctrl introduced me to Cat Jahnke. http://mysp.ac/gm4jNM Serendipity rocks.