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Tuesday's Tweets

08:54 @iPhoneAlley Macintosh SE. Loved that little machine.
11:20 Mitt blasts Obama for being nuanced. Only among Repugs could that be seen as a weakness. http://wapo.st/eztPka
11:53 My biggest iPad 2 complaint: with the black leather Smart Cover, I have trouble telling the front from the back. Keep putting it on wrong.
12:06 When I tweet about iStuff, I get Free iStuff spam replies. Which is stupid (okay, stupider), since I already have the iStuff I'm tweeting.
12:53 Judge rules against Google's massive copyright land grab for unclaimed works. Fascinating reading. http://1.usa.gov/hJ24uw
18:41 My main reason for heading to Vegas this weekend is a no go. So all I'm left with is, it's Vegas. Oh, and I desperately need a change.
18:50 @WendyHembrock I really need to invent something good to not tell. The truth is so darn boring...
19:53 I'm slightly relieved to discover that my Netflix Instant problems aren't just me. Thought my DSL had gone fluky. http://engt.co/eIg2BH