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Friday's Tweets

06:34 Right elbow hurts something awful. Strained it go-karting yesterday. Wonder how long the pain'll last.
08:32 "I’m beginning to think the GOP is so paranoid about “Sharia Law” because it's too Liberal." - @KeithOlbermann http://bit.ly/e8HPNi
09:07 I got 6 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:38 @Hazaka @KeithOlbermann Who says you have to understand something to oppose it? Not the GOP, clearly.
09:54 @Profikiskery Grand Old Party. So where's my ten bucks?
09:56 @Profikiskery Funny how you can *know* something that isn't true. Didn't need to Google it.
10:55 @tesmith99 @keitholbermann Glad to know that I exemplify *something*. I had my doubts.
11:12 Ticketmaster emails me about the Charlie Sheen LIVE tour! Train wreck, anyone? Tempting. http://bit.ly/eu6qNy
11:15 My first Twitterbomb! I quote @KeithOlbermann, he RTs, & now my iPhone's buzzing like mad. Feels kind of good, actually. (TMI?)
11:19 @MonicaKaye Front, but off to the side a bit. Nice of you to ask!
11:27 Tornado warnings on the San Francisco Peninsula? What fresh weather hell is this?
15:45 RT @Molly23: I asked, and Chipotle delivered. http://yfrog.com/h231249429j [Now that's customer service!]