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Wednesday's Tweets

09:04 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
13:22 Credit card processor VeriFone uses Microsoftian FUD tactics against small rival Square. http://bit.ly/gQyAeA
13:29 This is why I love the Internet. Make sure you read to the end. http://thebloggess.com/2011/03/dear-wil-wheaton/
13:32 So Rep. Peter King is fine with terrorists, even those who kill Americans, just as long as they're Irish terrorists. http://gaw.kr/hnKrUt
19:11 RT @wilw: I stand with the unions in Wisconsin, and wherever unions & their members are under attack by the Koch Bros and their GOP toadies.
19:36 Walker and the Wisconsin Repugs have lit the fuse. I hope it doesn't blow them all straight to hell.