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Thursday's Tweets

11:16 HolgaDirect: When you want thousands of dollars of modern photo gear to produce cheap plastic results: http://bit.ly/hRH1IE
11:25 #WIunion protesters want to make Fox News un-liars, bring in fake palm trees. http://yfrog.com/h08midoj
12:04 RT @JustaSunGod: Wow this rocks! Nice find man! RT @trypnotik: Charlie Sheen Lorem Ipsum Generator http://ow.ly/47ouM [Genius. Sick genius.]
12:12 "Xoom is trim, light & very pretty, but placed next to iPad 2, it looks designed & built by angry Soviet prison labor." http://bit.ly/iapSDD
12:33 This is great: http://whitewhine.com/ But where the heck's the RSS feed? (Now that's irony!)
12:39 Newt's exploratory committee website uses stock photos for supporters. Guess real ones cost too much. http://t.co/S1QM07t via @jazzcattrio
14:09 @joshtpm People constantly confuse amiable with nice. Huckabee is merely amiable. (I had a manager like that. He fooled folks for a while.)
15:08 @paulandstorm [P] I plan to get one with 3G, even though I won't turn it on. It gives me options for the future.
19:09 Brooklyn judge shows the kind of honor in Mets case that Clarence Thomas has yet to put into evidence. http://nydn.us/gsLoxO
21:17 By attacking Natalie Portman, Mike Huckabee becomes this generation's Dan Quayle. http://bit.ly/eBVhnj