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Wednesday's Tweets

06:38 Via @TheMacalope, quite possibly the dumbest piece on Apple yet. Oh, CNN, what's wrong with you? http://bit.ly/eQna47
08:11 Listening to a web conference at work. Presenter is umm-ing and y'know-ing to beat the band. Gonna be a long hour.
08:57 United Airlines tries to get on the social network bandwagon, fails utterly. http://kottke.org/11/03/customer-service-on-twitter
09:00 When #2 has 4.4% market share, you know you have a monopoly. http://engt.co/gkxHKd
09:02 In Fox's universe, Wisconsin has palm trees. Really. http://bit.ly/gaAPyL
09:44 RT @thinkgeek: Web designers, there's a new tool for you--and it is made of 100% KITTENS: http://j.mp/eFPCPE [Too! Much! Cute!]
10:51 @joshtpm Good place for a PayPal Donate link? Dems to pay to keep Dems away.