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Saturday's Tweets

06:31 Hawaii to make money from birther delusions. The sane among us shrug & maybe grin a little. http://huff.to/hc4C7w
06:36 Egypt reaches the boiling point. How do governments miss this level of unrest? How many more will die?
09:15 Off to Macworld. Will my credit card stand the strain?
11:44 Not much spending at Macworld. One iPhone app for .99, screen cleaner kit for $40. One item I wanted won't be out for a few more weeks.
11:46 Macworld's even smaller than last year. Walked the whole floor in under an hour. I miss the old days, for a whole bunch of reasons.
12:15 Sad part is I never looked better. #iPhone app #ZombieBooth App Store: http://bit.ly/9uX5DD Twitpic: http://twitpic.com/3ulqzr
14:43 An expat American writes about her life in Egypt and the revolution she knew was coming. http://huff.to/gZnqZG
14:45 Inevitable that @paulandstorm are the Geeks a Week: http://bit.ly/gQbgSO http://bit.ly/ffQjmH But is one week enough? Nay, I say.
23:55 Tonight was crab cioppino night. Which means I'll be smelling of it for at least 46 more hours.