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Thursday's Tweets

06:53 Another microstock agency hits us with a huge pay cut. Time to find another outlet for my alleged creativity.
09:03 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
15:24 @counternotions Liev Schreiber. He has Eric's blank stare down perfectly.
16:18 About to brave traffic into San Francisco to see (& hear) @jonathancoulton & @paulandstorm. They better be worth it. (They will be.)
18:21 On line at the Great American Music Hall. Bring on the funny songs!
18:42 Newcastle Brown Ale at my side, burger on the way, @jonathancoulton & @paulandstorm to follow. Such a good night.
18:51 This rubber stamp is trying to tell me something. http://plixi.com/p/71347680
20:50 @grantimahara Great show, huh?
20:59 @paulandstorm Yes. Yes we are.
23:59 Back from @jonathancoulton & @paulandstorm concert. It was epic. Now to sleep so I can stay awake at work in the ayem.