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Wednesday's Tweets

00:03 A model I shot over a year ago wants me to delete her photos. Nothing remotely risqué in them. Am I wrong in wanting to say no?
00:21 @Thanaz She's afraid she's lose a job she's up for if they find out. I do have a release. As for her bad mouthing me, I can live with it.
11:58 More, more, more! (NSFW) http://www.bluntcard.com/randomizer.html via @VictoriaDahl
12:55 Could the paranoid rhetoric of the Right be influencing our crazies to violence? http://wapo.st/g0paj9
13:33 Today's lesson in dealing with meeting invites: assume date & time have changed since the invite was created. In other words, invites lie.
23:51 Back from gorging on prime rib at the House Of in SF. Great conversation with five photographer friends. Need to do it more often.