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Monday's Tweets

06:48 Placebo bands: when nothing but the best nothing will do! http://skepticbros.com/store/
08:26 Back to work. 8am conference call from the couch. Now to head to the office and see if I can find where they moved me.
09:10 Found my new cube. Didn't take nearly as long as I feared. And unpacking was pretty painless, since I haven't collected much junk yet.
09:48 First problem in my new office: breakroom has a soda machine but no snack machine. Think they're trying to tell me something?
13:47 The new definition of chutzpah: Judith Miller attacking #WikiLeaks for passing along unverified information. http://tpm.ly/fGTG0i
14:37 RT @JustaSunGod: Beware of those who do not drink alcohol -> http://twitpic.com/3ms2nz [They are the true danger!]
20:35 @mariancall How much are the tickets? And would you take a donation from a fan? (I *love* Avenue Q.)
20:50 @mariancall Who says I can't do both? Sent an email to your mac.com address.