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Thursday's Tweets

07:13 Car covered in snow this morning. Gonna be an interesting drive out of Arizona and into California.
09:51 Last night I was attacked by a tumbleweed. This morning my gas filler door was frozen shut. Fun times.
09:52 Back in California. Lunch in Barstow, dinner in Tehachapi.
10:51 Brief stop at Amboy Crater. Will look it up on Wikipedia to find out what I just saw.
12:17 Hey! You know that hour I lost in Bullhead City? It was waiting for me in Laughlin. Funny it's always in the last place you look.
14:58 Just arrived in Tehachapi, where the streets are sheets of ice and the intersections are freezing rivers. But at least the sky's blue.
20:36 Walked 4 blocks each way in 27F, icy streets & wind to dinner. Why, you may ask. Maybe to remind myself why I don't live in the snow belt.