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Wednesday's Tweets

06:55 Light snow in Prescott. Looks like I'm leaving just in time. Shouldn't be a problem at the lower elevations, or so I hope.
09:27 Snow! http://plixi.com/p/66436200
14:14 Back in Kingman, AZ after a rather wet drive along Route 66. Stopped at a microdistillery for a tasting of vodka & rum. A lucky find.
16:17 Destroy my illusions, why don'tcha? Model for Liesl never had a boyfriend at 16 going on 17, Nazi or otherwise. http://bit.ly/fufyK8
18:28 Trying an Italian restaurant tonight. Hoping the food's better than their vocalist. I fear it won't be.
19:06 @scapersuse I think it's the lack of distractions.
19:08 @scapersuse See, if I were there, I'd be busily trying to distract you!
19:36 Flipping channels in the hotel, I accidentally stopped for a moment on Sarah Palin's Alaska. Make the pain go away...