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Monday's Tweets

06:04 Proof @Molly23 is a genius, as if that were in question: Doctor Who matryoshka dolls: http://twitpic.com/3k3tdx Want. Want so much.
15:25 Calling Jon Stewart a comedian ignores his impact. There's a reason we take him more seriously than real newspeople. http://nyti.ms/gQgpAq
15:25 Seem to have lost an hour somewhere between California & Arizona. But if it has to happen, Bullhead City's a good place to lose it.
15:26 BTW, Baghdad Cafe is still on Route 66 and claims to be open. Just so you know. And you're welcome.
17:01 Beautiful light show as the sunset turned the desert hills pink. Sadly, by the time I found a good vantage point the show was over.
18:32 Trying a local Mexican restaurant. Waitress took my menu before taking my order. What, she thinks I can remember what I want?