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Friday's Tweets

06:59 McDonald's register: Have a bagel. McDonald's menu: Sorry, we don't do those any more. McDonald's customer: Augghhh!
07:01 Found very good Thai food in Napa last night. Appetizer platter a little schizo: Thai mixed with Japanese, Vietnamese & Indian. But yummy!
08:10 Checked out of the hotel. Breakfast now, followed by a search for photogenic hills to shoot with my new wide angle lens.
08:12 BTW, I had no idea my car has heated mirrors Came in handy on this frosty Napa morning!
08:38 Hot air on a frosty Napa morning. http://plixi.com/p/65118660
12:02 Via @gruber, the best response to a customer complaint ever. Read the complaint, then the response. http://deadsp.in/gBOFRo
19:14 Back from Christmas Eve with friends. Nice to visit a house full of kids, and nice when they leave. So peaceful...
19:14 @JustaSunGod TMI, Lee. Much TMI.
20:29 @paulandstorm We minions are made of stronger stuff. You won't shed us that easily. Live-tweet away! (There are *other* versions?)
20:51 @paulandstorm [P] Don't you mean he plays young Jacob Marley? That's what IMDB says anyway.
20:59 Paul of @paulandstorm is live-tweeting Scrooge. Search #1951XmasCarol and enjoy the snark.
22:17 Do people really buy colorized $2 bills for $10? Are Americans really that stupid? Oh, forget I asked that.