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Tuesday's Tweets

06:42 @paulandstorm Shitty Movie Dartboard is the name of my John Williams cover band. Hey, you suggested it!
06:47 Very little sleep last night. Need to stop eating like I was still in college. Indiana Jones was wrong; it's the years *and* the miles.
12:16 RT @JonahNRO Hey, if the doc about to crack my chest was a Pakistani, I might condemn the war too [And we wonder why Jews are persecuted.]
14:06 Just had a reminder of how little it takes to *really* *piss* *me* *off*.
14:11 @JustaSunGod Nope, that won't do it.
15:38 Great programming quotes. #44 explains why the iPhone was such a revelation. http://bit.ly/gzEDWs
21:27 An iPhone meat thermometer. With Bluetooth. Truly, we live in remarkable times. http://engt.co/f8gfGY