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Saturday's Tweets

06:23 Meet & greet at local studio last night. A little shooting, a little photo talk. And the place is *huge*. Hope I get to shoot there again.
11:20 On my way to Sacramento. @joelmchale tonight, photo shoot tomorrow.
13:59 Glad I didn't plan any scenic photography today. Haven't seen this much gray since winter in Iowa.
18:09 A little sushi before the show. Sacramento's a pretty happening place on a Saturday night. Or is it just this Saturday night?
19:09 Row G for @joelmchale. No problem seeing him at this distance.
19:30 Oh boy! @jonathancoulton & @paulandstorm are coming to SF in January! Already have my ticket. So excited!
19:50 "Using the BlackBerry Torch is like being trapped in a real-life version of "Waiting for Godot."" http://bit.ly/cQmDK6