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Thursday's Tweets

10:18 @VictoriaDahl Tron was some of the first and best CGI most of us had seen. It was like being inside a videogame of the era.
10:33 @VictoriaDahl The lightcycle game may have come out before the movie. There was at least one game that came out after.
10:33 @VictoriaDahl I think it was just how different it all looked. Like most Disney movies, it was shallow as hell. We just didn't care.
12:21 @sandrift Cracks me up every time it happens. Stupid MSFT and their stupid Auto Updater.
15:28 Via @ebertchicago, Christopher Hitchens exposes the horror and evil that are Glenn Beck. http://j.mp/eIbqD0
15:37 These really are the most awful gifts. http://bit.ly/e2JfNs
17:58 In a legal war between patent troll Righthaven and The Drudge Report, who do you cheer for? Let 'em both die. http://bit.ly/f2mqpR
18:34 @gruber http://bit.ly/hxqFgJ