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Monday's Tweets

08:28 Barely made it through a mercifully short 8am meeting. How will I do on Wednesday, when I have one at 6? Yes, 6. In the morning.
09:08 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
11:23 "So you want to write a novel." I think I'll stick to photography as a way to make my fortune. http://bit.ly/dJXLaH
11:58 Tech toys to give people you really don't like all that much. http://bit.ly/h3JyIn
12:15 "Ceci n'est pas une invoice." I love ThinkGeek! http://bit.ly/iaFy5S
13:46 MSFT delaying payments to WinPhone 7 developers, not telling them what they've sold. Think they have something to hide? http://t.co/BQUC9hd
19:15 @PetFoodMax Getting photos accepted at @Shutterstock starts out hard but gets easier. I've learned a lot, and made money in the process.
19:47 @PetFoodMax Mostly I shoot what I like and see what sells. That keeps it fun, keeps me motivated, and helps pay for itself.
20:46 @PetFoodMax Mine's a Nikon D300. How about you?
21:28 Comcast's blackmail of Netflix makes me glad I'm on AT&T. Yeah, they're slower, but they haven't pulled this crap yet.