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Tuesday's Tweets

03:36 At the airport. Car turned in, and I'm on the way to the terminal. Ominous word, terminal. Especially at this hour.
05:10 On the plane now, just a little bit closer to employment. Four hours to go...
05:12 Final count for the weekend: 2046 photos and one dead studio strobe. Luckily it was an eBay special and won't cost much to replace.
05:14 @TomTomUSA mine's Homer, after The Simpsons voice. Sure would like a Stewie Griffin voice, though.
08:21 @scapersuse Yep, today's the day. I'm in my car, waiting for the badge office to open. 40 minutes to go...
09:25 @scapersuse Sleep? What's that? Hope to start catching up tonight after work. Wow, that sounds weird. Haven't had an office since Jan '06!
11:15 @scapersuse I worked from home and traveled for my last job. No office, which make the commute really brief!
12:52 The hard part about starting a new job is being so useless. Of course, it would help if I had a computer. And email. But I have a nameplate!
14:16 @scapersuse Knock 'em dead, doll!
19:29 @Tim_Matheson Wouldn't that be "I vas jus givink orderz"?