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Thursday's Tweets

07:16 One more interesting stat: of 6 deceased candidates for office, 4 won. Effective, but not a great long term strategy. http://bit.ly/9YFyHX
14:57 On the plane. Next stop is Phoenix. There will be photography, oh yes there will.
15:26 I love you, $5 airborne WiFi. I'd marry you if we weren't headed to Arizona, where that's probably illegal.
16:45 Landed. Sadly, my left ear is still at 30,000 feet.
17:18 @cabri It's getting better...
18:53 @RaynaRamsay It was cheap. But it stopped working almost immediately. Anyway, it was a short enough flight that I entertained myself.
20:31 Plate spotted on N 7th St in Phoenix: MDLFCRS6. Too dark to see what kind of CRS6-mobile it was.