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Wednesday's Tweets

06:40 Pretty satisfied with election in California, even if the rest of US not so positive. More Repug obstructionism, no doubt.
06:41 Nice to see Meg Whitman give so much to California for so little return. Wish it had been inspired by altruism, but still.
07:22 If not for the Tea Party, Repugs would likely have taken the Senate too. So have you thanked a Tea Partier for their support?
10:02 I may have to get an iPad just so I can put it in one of these cases. http://bit.ly/d8JUqi via @sandrift
14:13 Today's my last day of freedom. Off to Phoenix tomorrow for photo weekend. Tuesday morning I fly back and head to the new job. Feels odd.
15:27 RT @counternotions: If Richard Feynman applied for a job at Microsoft http://bit.ly/9sA5b8 via @hackernewsbot [Screw with the interviewer!]
15:30 Southwest just emailed to tell me my flight tomorrow has WiFi. Most excellent!
16:36 Kanye's remark was worst moment of Bush presidency? How about those 100,000 dead Iraqis? How about the nonexistent WMDs? The mind boggles.
16:40 16 House Dems voted against extending unemployment benefits. 13 of them are now unemployed. Ironic, huh? http://bit.ly/ar9SMy
16:53 It is 80 degrees right now in Mtn View, CA. In November. Maybe not Global Warming, but sure is Local Warming.
19:25 A friend of Joseph Finder's on the DC Police says #rally4sanity estimates are way off. Figure 500k or more. http://on.fb.me/b8n7CC