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Monday's Tweets

07:41 RT @JohnRossBowie: Sarah Palin said CBS stands for Corrupt Bastards Club. She's just ... great. http://fdl.me/cegQ9A [Spelling is elitist.]
07:41 Off to the dentist, one of my less favored activities. Then again, false teeth would be worse.
11:37 Scarf down some bacon. Yum! http://j.mp/bkaO9z
11:49 Stewart & Colbert offended that people think Fox & Friends are real 'Newspeople'. http://tpm.ly/dazqGo (See what I did there?)
12:03 @RaynaRamsay I retweeted, but I also reversed. Funnier that way.
13:28 O'Donnell calls TV stations biased for not running her ad. Stations accuse campaign of screwing up by not buying time. http://bit.ly/9r61s6
13:58 The Lost Prequel: Ben Kenobi - Private Jedeye http://bit.ly/cKQC3h Shoulda kept this & lost Episodes 1, 2 & 3.
20:35 RT @gruber: http://bit.ly/b8dpoy [Awesome.]
22:03 @crystaljsilk My pleasure. Already ordered mine! http://j.mp/bkaO9z