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Saturday's Tweets

03:11 Up way too early, as if something important is coming up. #rally4sanity
04:25 @Leannarenee Enjoy the bus ride. I'll see you on the Mall. #Rally4Sanity
04:38 @devans00 I'll be onsite! Heading over to the Mall in a little while. #Rally4Sanity
04:39 @JustaSunGod I was afraid it would be crazy when I arrive at 9:30. Good thing I brought a long lens. #Rally4Sanity
05:24 @JustaSunGod Waiting for the shuttle to the Metro. Be there soon.
09:02 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
12:59 Completely fscking insane. #rally4sanity
13:00 Sorry I couldn't tweet the rally. AT&T had a network meltdown. But it was great. #rally4sanity
13:06 @reduced Sadly, no @paulandstorm. But it was epic even without them. #rally4sanity
13:08 Parks Service gave unofficial crowd estimate of 200k. #rally4sanity