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Tuesday's Tweets

07:17 Rand Paul supporter who stomped MoveOn member wore Don't Tread on Me pin. Ironic, isn't it? http://bit.ly/dfHEem
09:08 @sandrift Which #w00tstock did you attend? I've been to two, and would do another in a heartbeat.
09:39 Yuma County AZ Repugs claim massive voter registration fraud, are determined to be massively full of shit. http://bit.ly/cVK0AY
10:31 Meg Whitman can't stop talking about how great California was under Jerry Brown. http://gaw.kr/bnJjn5
20:32 Don Imus tells Bill O'Reilly he's a pinhead. I find myself respecting Don Imus. Weird, huh? http://bit.ly/druvYR
20:36 My first studio shoot in a month. That's way too long. Good thing the Arizona Shootout's coming up real soon.