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Monday's Tweets

08:13 Snow on the mountains outside Reno. Sun is out; it'll be a much nicer drive home than my drive in yesterday.
14:11 Heavy rains in the Sierras yesterday. Pretty dusting of snow on the mountains today.
14:26 New manager orders my laptop. PC or Mac, he asks. ♫ "I think I'm gonna like it here..." ♫
14:41 Google's Eric Schmidt paraphrases George Carlin's Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman: "If you don't like Google Street View, just move!"
15:15 Nielsen reports 1 in 3 iPad users have never downloaded an app. Nielsen now admits they were full of shit, it's more like 1 in 10.
15:24 @scapersuse I don't start for two more weeks. They just like to have everything ready, including my shiny new MacBook. ☺
15:32 Developer puts Apple's abandonment of Java in context. Desktop Java is dead, so let's get on with life. http://bit.ly/cBhcVC
16:26 As a vertically challenged American, I find these comments on the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tall policy painful. http://gaw.kr/akOIsh
16:50 Owner of Gold's Gym gives $2m to Rovian group hostile to gay rights. Now who could have predicted a problem with that? http://bit.ly/bZcAem