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Friday's Tweets

09:28 Just ordered a #Rally4Sanity scarf & paid as much for shipping as the scarf. Maybe not sane, but only way to know it'll arrive before I go.
09:57 This is why all the design awards go to Apple and not HP. Okay, it's one of the reasons. http://j.mp/d8NR1R
10:56 SF is getting its own #Rally4Sanity. Which I have to miss, 'cuz I'll be at the one in DC. Poor me. http://on.fb.me/95PJcM
10:59 Sears going after the zombie demographic? (I almost typed demongraphic, which isn't far off.) http://bit.ly/dzP0jI
12:32 RT @MySears: @disorderly It's about time someone did...braaaaiiiinsss!!! [Must... shop... Sears...]
13:43 Went to my local Apple Store a day early. MacBook Air goes on display & sale tomorrow. Sad, but think of the money I saved!
15:12 Which is worse: when airlines are incompetent, or when they're total assholes about it? http://bit.ly/dfK1me
16:05 Hey @TeamCoco! I just voted for #VladimirPutin to be #ConansFirstGuest on TBS November 8th! Vote @ http://bit.ly/9osqCh
16:38 RT @ebertchicago: Urgent to Juan Williams: Photos of Muslim garb. http://j.mp/9dh8cU [Gotta love King Abdullah in his Star Fleet uniform.]
16:59 Beware the weather penis! http://gaw.kr/9DLRir
17:18 RT @alwayscoffee: @disorderly Hank, that Tweet just made me spit out my drink. [Then my work here is done!]
19:23 Don't you hate it when people dial the wrong number, and then do it *again*? Guess she got it right the third time.