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Wednesday's Tweets

06:21 If these crazy ideas worked, wouldn't businesses be crazy *not* to rely on them? http://xkcd.com/808/
06:25 What The Duck demonstrates irony: http://bit.ly/d100bn
06:38 4th grade text in VA claims lots of black soldiers fought for the South. Scholars say bull. http://bit.ly/bdUCMI
11:11 Hmmm... Monster.com giving me error when I try to delete job searches. Which I'm doing because I HAVE A JOB!
11:38 New high end MacBook Air looks amazing. Want one! Wonder what kind of Mac my new employer will be getting me. Did I mention my new job?
11:44 @ebertchicago I did! They had a special vacuum for chalk dust at PS 162, back in the early 60s.
12:05 Guess they don't have mirrors in Glenn Beck's world. http://bit.ly/cF71q8
14:11 I just tried Facetime between my MacBook and my iPhone 4. It worked, but I definitely have a face for voice chat.
17:43 @cabri No move. The new job is nine miles from here.
18:15 Off to @SJRep to the opening of Secret Order. Which I assume is not alphabetical or Dewey Decimal or ascending height. I hate that last one.