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Monday's Tweets

08:58 Waiting for my ride to the airport. Still a half hour to go. Have I mentioned how much I hate waiting?
09:59 Every journey begins with a single step. This one begins with a shuttle ride to SFO.
10:55 Signs at SFO say there's free WiFi here. They lie.
11:13 Potential employer wants to schedule 1-1 interviews when I get back. Guess my presentation went okay, not that I had any doubts.
12:20 Waiting to board my American flight. Makes me appreciate Southwest all the more, and I'm in First Class!
18:43 It's wet and dark in Boston. When can I go home?
20:36 I'd forgotten how stressful driving is around Boston. Homer the GPS found some truly weird roads to get me to the hotel.
21:22 @lomara Lucky! Been to 2 w00tstocks, & I still envy anybody who gets to one I'll miss!