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Saturday's Tweets

09:18 Leaving Capital City. (Yeah!). But first: breakfast. Or breakfust, as The Creamery in Palo Alto spells it.
13:01 Home, with lots of #w00tstock and model pictures to edit. But not yet. Need to vegetate a while first.
13:50 Via @gruber, why is this article about writing shorter emails so damn long? http://tcrn.ch/d5Ajs1
15:14 @grantimahara Now that we have Bottle BeerBot, can Draft BeerBot be far behind? We need a Draft BeerBot movement!
17:15 Finally finished listening to Just a Geek by @wilw on the drive home from Capital City (yeah!). Funny, sweet, sad; great stuff.
18:44 Just uploaded a few pictures from #w00tstock 2.5 to Flickr. Front row table GOOD! http://bit.ly/aDf6NT
20:42 Tomorrow's Int'l Talk Like a Pirate Day, so enjoy the Captain's Wife's Lament from @paulandstorm: http://bit.ly/ar7AJ9
21:28 @cascio No worries. I think you wowed the crowd in the best possible way. #w00tstock