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Wednesday's Tweets

14:22 In a battle between Christine O'Donnell and Karl Rove, who do you cheer for? http://bit.ly/aGORUp
15:04 Apt turned the water off five hours ago for maintenance. Supposed to be done two hours ago. Yeah, uh huh.
15:13 Apple invents the iPhone; Nokia gives us (well, me) the E62. How do they get smartphones so wrong? http://bit.ly/bWQkGa
16:36 This is absolutely geektacular in a LL&P kind of way. http://bit.ly/90cWXX
16:37 @Molly23 Come to think of it, money *can* buy me love. #rockretractions
17:05 @Molly23 Guitar George? He's been faking those chords for years. #rockretractions
17:09 This time tomorrow I'll be on my way to San Francisco for #w00tstock!
17:56 To the list of things Bill O'Reilly doesn't know shit about, add Andy Griffith Show trivia.
20:49 @thedaisyharris Pet his poodle? Really?
21:05 @StephenAtHome Apologize for klezmer music? You just haven't heard Oy To The World by The Klezmonauts! http://bit.ly/bkzvuh
22:46 Like the Osborne Effect, the razors & blades theory is pretty much a myth. http://bit.ly/cw9i6P