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Sunday's Tweets

09:05 Snow globes: souvenirs... of EVIL! http://twitpic.com/2nsguq (via @CarolynCrane)
09:36 @reduced Doesn't matter what happens on the Other Coast. Just have it all together when you finally bring it to the Bay Area!
12:03 RT @nprscottsimon: It's illogical, I know, but Hurricane Igor just sounds a lot more threatening than Hurricane Earl- [Just a hunch?]
12:04 @WendiDarlin Sedona's beautiful. May stop there on my Phoenix trip in Nov. Definitely going to Tucson.
13:56 @WendiDarlin I'd do even better with you in the picture to set off the surroundings!
17:19 RT @gruber: Imagine Fox News coverage if it were angry *black* men marching with signs like this: http://j.mp/d42shS [Bullets go both ways.]
21:32 Watched a 30s screwball comedy in Fremont tonight with an old friend from my Sun days. May, does he look old!