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Thursday's Tweets

09:49 Sad that @wilw will miss a bunch of upcoming #w00tstock concerts, but glad 9/16 in SF isn't among them. http://bit.ly/d8Djcs
11:05 Via @maddow, think it doesn't matter who you choose for President? They call it enlightened self-interest. http://bit.ly/cOpQVt
11:41 Pregnant woman wearing an Athletics tee. For a second I thought it said Uterus. Seriously.
11:42 RT @Shutterstock: Our own @jonoringer quoted today in a @CNet story: "Artists want to be treated with professionalism." http://shutr.bz/8s
11:52 Checking out the new iPods. The Nano is so teeny! And yes, got out without buying anything.
16:14 So Bush knew after all! I always had my doubts about them WMD thingies. http://j.mp/8X6ywN
16:59 Tony Blair described a scene in his memoir that only happened in the movies. Just like Reagan! http://bit.ly/8XnABL
19:18 By order of @wilw, @paulandstorm & @jasonfinn, I am obliged to say #drumnumnum. That is all.
19:19 BTW, @jasonfinn is a Little Drummer Boy. But not *the* Little Drummer Boy. Carry on. #drumnumnum
20:54 Salon writes about something called the Burger King Pizza Whopper. And I may never eat again. http://bit.ly/aojjx3