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Friday's Tweets

09:31 Cool websites for fictional evil corporations, modeled after real evil corporations. http://bit.ly/9ohfdg
09:34 Off to shoot agricultural scenes in the Central Valley. Oh, the glamorous life of the self-unemployed photographer!
12:51 Eating famous pea soup at Anderson's in Santa Nella. Not sure what the big deal is.
15:18 Just stopped at Sun-Maid World Headquarters. Which is funny, since I'm not much of a raisin fan. So I got some dried peaches instead.
16:28 RT @wilw: Best. Magic card. Ever. (made by @slipstream0) http://twitpic.com/2kx22z #PAX [WHEATON!] #tbbt
16:40 What really happened to AZ Gov Brewer during the debate: http://huff.to/ddU101
18:10 The 4 Levels of Social Entrapment. Explains everything I've failed to understand all these decades... http://bit.ly/9HmJFA
18:15 Facebook's latest security verification had me identify FB friends from their photos. Easy, except for people w/cartoons in their profiles.
18:16 Another reason, BTW, to reject friend requests from people you don't know in meatspace.
18:29 @paulandstorm And? Did you pass?
19:20 Empty restaurant with For Lease sign on a street called Prosperity. That's what they call irony.