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Tuesday's Tweets

06:43 @JustaSunGod Was anyone not bad in Lost in Space? That movie sucked more than the suckiest of sucky things.
06:44 Deus ex machina! #fakeHarryPotterSpells
07:00 @JustaSunGod True enough. What I remember was how angry everyone acted. So unlike the TV series.
07:33 Unspeakably cool: a multimedia music video customized to your childhood. http://bit.ly/bO0311
07:58 RT @oatmeal This is how I feel about buying apps - The Oatmeal http://bit.ly/bDZ9Kq [It's funny because it's true.]
08:32 I wasn't a big Disney fan as a kid, and I can't imagine this would have changed my mind. Quite the reverse, actually. http://n.pr/9KdzCK
08:41 Advice From a Cartoon Princess: Belle on the pleasures of bestiality. http://bit.ly/cnwu8e!
10:49 Just spent an uncomfortable few minutes on the phone with my father. Age has caught up with him. Better than the alternative, though.
14:15 Wow! Flash on Android is real! (Really appalling.) http://bit.ly/aPvJEJ
15:09 Via @ggreenwald, how could anyone not have known or at least suspected that Iraq would be a quagmire? http://is.gd/eO3PZ
15:21 Restoring Honor? 55 hours later, Glenn Beck's already making the cash register ring. http://bit.ly/cF6jlt
15:36 RT @sanetv: Adorable "Chewie and Han" t-shirt by Chris Wahl: http://bit.ly/9azCHF [Must... Resist... Purchase...]
20:04 Tired of taking non-crappy pictures? Here's the answer: plastic optics! http://bit.ly/dnkY1W (Click the Do Not Pull handle for a laugh.)