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Monday's Tweets

08:32 Techi.com literally doesn't understand the meaning of the word literally. http://bit.ly/dlsA1v
13:40 That study that found 89-99% of BitTorrent files are pirated? Looks like it's a crock. http://bit.ly/bKu9J7
14:09 RT @wilw: Memories of #w00tstock 2.4 at #sdcc: http://bit.ly/9M4dda [Wil makes it sound almost as magical as it was.]
15:05 Webcomic weighs in on anti-Westboro Baptist Church counterprotest at Comic Con. http://bit.ly/bBcIia
19:53 RT @wilw: I'll be in my bunk. http://bit.ly/bOnrFp [Yeah, what he said.]
20:48 So. That free "sorry about that" iPhone bumper case Apple said would ship on September 1st? It went out today.
20:52 Jeb Bush on the campaign trail? I've got the slogan for his presidential run: "I'm NOT the idiot brother." http://bit.ly/cNOfHd