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Saturday's Tweets

04:09 The problem with crashing at 7pm is waking up at 3am. Not much of a revelation, but what do you expect at this hour?
15:03 Finally have #w00tstock pictures up at http://bit.ly/aDf6NT Apologies for the quality; best I could do with available light & slow lens.
15:08 RT @jonathancoulton: Huh. http://twitpic.com/28bz0q [See, Alanis? That's what they mean by ironic.]
17:53 Note to self: need to rip @paulandstorm, @molly23 & @mariancall CDs to iTunes. Lots of new music from #w00tstock for my iPhone.
17:55 Oh wow. Article by @barryeisler on NPR site has photo by me, complete with credit. http://n.pr/9PxyiF
21:11 Gee, turns out Dell's magical supply chain efficiencies were a fake to hide Intel kickbacks. Not so well run after all. http://bit.ly/9vOu9C
21:49 I love the RSC. Wish I'd been in DC for this @reduced performance. http://bit.ly/d6Pf7E