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Tuesday's Tweets

09:16 Car's in for scheduled service. Gray and slightly chilly outside. Guess I'll edit some pictures while I wait for the call.
10:51 Oh, AT&T. Your voicemail arrived just an hour & ten minutes after the call I missed. That's what I call service. But not good service.
11:44 Why is anyone surprised to learn that Andrew Breitbart is a lying, manipulative sleaze? http://bit.ly/9ND1AS
14:31 @VictoriaDahl And how does the principal feel about that? Or did you by any chance mean principle?
16:51 NAACP screwed up. They thought Fox News & Andrew Brietbart weren't scheming spawns of Satan. http://bit.ly/agbjuX
17:46 Agree with @ggreenwald; rehire Sherrod. I'd go further and get rid of Vilsack. Talk about a lack of guts.
18:18 @lomara Oh noes, Kim. Gotta feel better for Thursday! Comic Con *and* #w00tstock!
21:43 A Bill Gates company commits fraud. No, not MSFT; this one got caught. http://bit.ly/cuB9XF