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Monday's Tweets

08:05 Chinese news media reports on iPhone 4 saga. With cartoons! You'll laugh, you'll cry. No, you'll just laugh. http://bit.ly/9ysmtc
08:58 Don't call him a racist. NH state candidate doesn't hate nonwhites; he just doesn't want to know they exist. http://bit.ly/dAnVdR
09:08 I got 39 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:10 One more reason to avoid United, as if I needed any more. http://bit.ly/cH6nEZ (I love Southwest, like Alaska & JetBlue, tolerate American.)
12:14 I really hope this is real. http://bit.ly/9ka8b2
12:20 It *is* real! But if not, I'm out six bucks. http://bit.ly/9ka8b2
12:21 @VictoriaDahl Yeah, what's up with that? You're usually so sweet & demure.
13:01 Just deposited a check using a leaky pen. Lucky I keep Wet Wipes in the car. My Scoutmaster would be so proud.
14:25 From Wired, the epic battle between Apple & AT&T, not that Verizon would be any better. http://bit.ly/azarm9
16:13 @renatojr_rj No fooling. Still better than the 117 degrees I experienced on Friday.
16:58 RT @reduced: "Do not forget to specify, when time and place shall serve, that I am an ass." #shakespalin [Good ole Dogberry.]