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Tuesday's Tweets

09:08 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:15 Roman Polanski committed far more heinous acts. So why does Mel Gibson seem the more repulsive individual?
10:24 @VictoriaDahl That depends, Victoria. Which pieces are up for grabs?
10:42 Who the hell let this World War II on television? Totally unbelievable. http://bit.ly/bsCNnm
14:28 @paulandstorm "Cover me; I'm going in." #5wordsbeforesex
17:37 I was enjoying this piece about a Creationist bunch getting slammed by a Texas judge. Then I got to the last line. http://bit.ly/br83sb
18:02 Judge tells the FCC to get fscked. Where's George Carlin when we need him? ttp://j.mp/8ZvATX