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Sunday's Tweets

06:42 The @PocketChris photo app from @chrismarquardt is in the App Store. Downloading my copy now.
09:27 Attack To Kill a Mockingbird? Proof you have no soul. http://huff.to/9vQGCV
09:39 Via @ebertchicago, BP wins Sitting Duck award from columnists. Alberto Gonzales won in 07, but no one can remember why. http://bit.ly/b9XZFd
12:35 On my way to Sacramento. Hotel shoot. Wait; didn't I just do one of those?
14:50 Oh god. The heat in Sacramento is brutal. How do people stand it?
19:55 Done shooting with Kaitlyn. Listening to classical music while I check the Interwebs. But time now for dinner at Scott's Seafood.